CH N*Diadem´s Wilma Sollis

IC Dan Dara´s Naima Sollis of Diadem´s,RAG a 03 & N*Ragstars Candyman JW,RAG n 03

100% traditional pedigree

Bloorgoup A

HCM DNA neg/neg

Breeder: Solveig Benedicthe Damsgaard & Lise Gulliksen Sandbugt

Thank you so much Sol & Lise!

Wilma has been a best possible breeder female and she retires after her last litter 15.8.2018 will move to new homes.Wilma has been the perfect example of a breeder easy deliveries, takes care of her babies and has the best nature ever.She will retire and have cozy life after hard work as mother.

Thank you Wilma for being the best breeder girl of my breeding career.

Wilmas offspring in breeding:

Celestial´s Angel On My Shoulder, retired from Celestial´s

NW IC Celestial´s Teen Spirit, Checz Republic

CH Celestial´s Sweet Dreams, Netherlands

Celestial´s Heaven Tonight, Poland

Celestial´s Freddy Grueger, Checz Republic

Celestial´s U and Me and The Devil Makes 3,Celestial´s

Celestial´s La Madrina,Celestial´s


2 x BIS


5 x BIV

2 x CAC

BEST bicolour youngster 2015 in Finnish Ragdoll Fanciers Association

2nd best bicolour kitten 2014 in Ragdoll fanciers association

2nd best bicolour kitten 2014 in Finnish Ragdoll Club

Best breeder female Finnish ragdoll fanciers Association 2017